Actis Plus is reinforced by new features

The node, designed for the interior of luminaires, and compatible with all types of LED luminaires, has been improved with six new functionalities.

Actis Plus is an internal node, designed to be placed inside the luminaires and able to connect to any DALI driver, DALI 2 or 1-10V; and compatible with every LED luminaire. Actis Plus is available with various communication options such as Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M, 2G; and operates in up to five geographic areas: North America, Latam, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

Actis Plus belongs to Actis, a product range of smart and autonomous devices used for the remote control of light points equipped with 1-10V or DALI protocol drivers. Specially designed for every type of street light, including applications such as residential, urban and road. The nodes of the Actis family are part of the WeLight Smart Lighting Solution, the solution for the intelligent management of public lighting developed by Wellness TechGroup which has already been deployed in more than 300 municipalities and that remotely manages more than 800,000 luminaires.

In its latest update, the node has been improved with a digital output that enables the activation / deactivation of any element or electrical / electronic device in the luminaire. A digital input has also been incorporated with which it is now possible to configure adaptive lighting based on activity detected by presence sensors, and an analog input that allows connecting analog sensors (anenometers, temperature sensors, humidity…) in order to have the information collected by the sensors (for example: heat maps, humidity, wind speed …) in the WeLight Manager management platform.

The memory module has also been improved, now having the ability to store data and, in case of a communications failure, request and retrieve it through the platform. Thanks to the incorporation of an accelerometer, movements and incidents can be detected, and with the GPS module it is now possible to know the exact position of the monitored assets.

The Multi-driver & Self-commisioning functionality with the DALI-2 communication protocol version in the luminaire drivers makes it possible to act on 8 (maximum) luminaires connected to the same Actis Plus.

Lastly, the color and temperature control functionality of the luminaire makes it possible to regulate both the temperature and the RGB color of the luminaire by acting on the drivers (the drivers must be DALI8).