Atlantica Yield: security audit and split cybersecurity services for a Yieldco

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Atlantica Yield




Renewable energies


United Kingdom


A project to manage a heterogeneous group of assets and the operations of its cybersecurity services.

The project


Atlantica Yield is a sustainable performance infrastructure company that acquires, owns and manages a diverse portfolio of contracted assets in the environmental energy sector.

The company currently owns 24 assets, consisting of 1,496 MW of renewable energy generation, 300 MW of efficient natural gas, 1,152 miles of electric transmission lines, and 10.5 Mft3 of water per day. Atlántica Yield is located in North and South America, and in some EMEA markets.

One of its main objectives was to begin the process of digitalization, management, and integration while taking into account the diversity of its assets, in order to make the most efficient and safe decisions.


Together with the client, Wellness TechGroup created a roadmap to help guide them through the process of digitization and, specifically, a transition to the cloud. Information security and the efficient integration of the assets was a top priority. One of the greatest challenges for this Yieldco was how to build a hybrid cloud / local architecture, given the distribution of its assets throughout Europe, Africa, and North and South America.

Wellness TechGroup was able to successfully unify the assets and the technological management of all verticals.


  • Detailed reports on each facility, plant or associated asset.
  • The unification of security audits, implementing security as a continuous procedure.
  • Management of asset security, ensuring that all security policies are aligned with the company’s technical and business needs.
  • Training and awareness courses, with simulations of risk situations to help evaluate potential threats.
  • The development of specific safety procedures depending on the different verticals (water, sun, gas, and energy).