Endesa: 3 innovative projects: Ad Hoc design & customised delivery

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Three innovative projects for Endesa, the leading company in the Spanish electricity sector.

The project


Endesa, part of the Enel Group Multinational, is active in the generation, distribution and sale of electricity, with more than 10 million customers in Spain and Portugal. The company distributes electricity to 22 million people in Spain alone through 316,320 km of distribution and transport networks and 1116,611 GWh of distributed energy.

Endesa has relied on Wellness TechGroup since 2013 to provide various innovative Smart Lighting solutions in 18 cities across Spain, covering over 80.000 luminaires and more than 1000 electrical boxes.

Wellness TechGroup technology and services have been part of three innovative projects for Endesa:

  1. Smart City Lighting Management.
  2. Design and development of ad hoc city lighting management platform.
  3. CTBox Asset Security Solution for over 200 distribution centers


Design and development of ad hoc city lighting management platform


The platform, designed specifically according to the customer requirements, utilizes a personalized interface and supports capabilities beyond energy management including fault detection and resolution within a maintenance module, reporting engine and asset inventory management.


Smart City Lighting Management


Following the development and implementation of the Smart Lighting Platform, Endesa proceeded to manage the streetlights within its extensive distribution network.

The CMS continues to be used by Endesa and municipal technicians to carry out daily work around fault detection and resolution, general maintenance, and management work. ​

The inbuilt alert system notifies the appropriate manager or technician when problems or incidents are detected in the public lighting infrastructure, optimizing all tasks being carried out by CMS users.


CTBox Asset Security Solution for over 200 distribution centers


Endesa’s distribution centers and substations were targets of cable theft, leaving the utility vulnerable to significant financial loss as a result. ​

Wellness TechGroup developed and implemented a comprehensive security solution in over 200 electrical distribution centers. The solution includes presence detection, cable theft detection, open door detection and video surveillance to prevent damages, financial loss and minimize downtime for improved continuity of service. Within the first seven days of implementation, two cable theft attempts were detected and intercepted.


The digital transformation project has had direct and significant benefits in efficiency, reliability, savings and customer service


  • Upgrade to LED technology: Up to 60% reduction in energy consumption.
  • Savings in operation: Average of 20% reduction in energy consumption thanks to remote lighting regulation.
  • Carbon footprint impact/ C02 emissions: 2,2 tons.