Helsingborg & Växjö: Sweden joins Smart Waste Management

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Municipality of Helsingborg | SSAM (Växjö)


Public (Helsingborg) & Private (Växjö)


Waste collection


Helsingborg & Växjö, Sweden


Project for the deployment of MiniQ sensors for the volumetric measurement of filling in wastebaskets and waste containers in the Swedish cities of Helsingborg and Växjö.

The project


The Swedish municipalities of Helsingborg and Växjö aim to improve their waste management. To do this, they will place 30 and 400 MiniQ sensors respectively. Both projects are carried out in partnership with Stadhubbs Alliansen, a wireless infrastructure and LoRa network operator that covers more than 40 municipalities in Sweden.

The project in Helsingborg will consist in the installation of 30 MiniQ sensors at the Knutpunkten bus and train station. The sensors will be deployed specifically in wastebaskets with the objective of detecting garbage overflows and other incidents that compromise the image of the terminal, especially in a city devoted to tourism such as Helsingborg. The sensorization of the bins also aims to improve the service and study the potential savings of the devices, to extend the sensor network to the bins of the historic center.

Växjö, through SSAM, the municipal waste management company and SUEZ, which owns the concession for collection, will install up to 400 MiniQ sensors in organic and burnable waste containers.


The proposed solution is Quamtra Smart Waste Management. Specifically, through the MiniQ sensors, the reduced version of the Q device, which are specially designed for smaller containers such as bins and indoor containers.

The sensors measure the distance between the waste and the edge of the container in order to control the level of filling. In addition, thanks to the accelerometer and integrated temperature sensors, they are able to detect improper movements and alert fires.

The sensor management platform, Quamtra Manager, allows to make permanent adjustments to the collection routes based on the volume level of these containers.

The projects of these two Swedish cities will be carried out with the LoRa network in collaboration with Wexnet (StadhubbsAlliansen partner) in Växjö, and Öresundskraft (founder of StadhubbsAlliansen) in Helsingborg.


  • Cleaner and neater appearance of the city.
  • Best service to users and citizens.
  • Savings in cost in time and resources used in waste collection.