Impulso VLCi: a smart city for citizen welfare

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Valencia City Council &




Public Administration


Valencia, Spain


Initiative made up of multiple solutions to turn the city of Valencia into an intelligent ecosystem that guarantees the well-being of its residents and visitors.

The project


The initiative "Impulso VLCi", proposed by the Valencia City Council, was one of the projects selected by in the II Call for Smart Cities. The proposal, framed in the Strategic Plan for the Smart City of Valencia, aims to "achieve a more sustainable, technological, connected, social and participatory city that improves the quality of life and well-being of its citizens and visitors".

Impulso VLCi is based on five key pillars:

  • Smart Governance
  • Smart Environment
  • Intelligent Mobility
  • Smart Society
  • Citizen welfare


IDOM & Wellness TechGroup were awarded the tender for this project, whose objectives will be addressed through the following components:

  • Smart Management of Municipal Heritage
  • Smart lighting
  • Monitoring and management of urban noise
  • Environmental sensors
  • Smart water supply management
  • Geographic information systems
  • Smart waste management
  • Mobility and smart parking
  • Servers and storage
  • Platform update
  • Citizen portal
  • Citizen App


  • Improved management of municipal services: lighting, water, waste, events, etc.
  • Greater well-being of citizens.
  • Improved visitor experience.
  • Reduction of energy consumption and polluting emissions.
  • Transforming Valencia into a reference as a smart city and into a smart destination.