KSRR, Kalmar: a costumer focus

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Waste collection


Kalmar, Sweden


Smart solutions for efficient waste management, optimized collection routes, and service audits in Kalmar, Sweden.

The project


The city of Kalmar is located on the Baltic Sea in the southeast of Sweden and has a population of 50,000. One of its primary challenges has been efficient waste management. To improve this service, the city conducted an audit of municipal waste collection, run by the company KSRR.

An innovative project was carried out to optimize residential waste collection. Using connectivity, individual waste bins were converted into smart containers, improving the quality of collection services and raising citizen awareness of emissions reductions.


Wellness TechGroup recommended its MiniQ product, a miniature version of the Q Sensor device, which is ideal for smaller waste containers. These sensors measure the fill level, or the distance between the top of waste and the lid. They also include features like an accelerometer, which detects possible displacements, and temperate control to alert for temperature spikes caused by fires.

Thanks to the Quamtra management platform, routes can now be adjusted based on fill levels of containers. 500 units have been deployed to cover the complete route from house to house. This project was implemented with the LoRa network in collaboration with Kalmar Energy (a local energy company).


  • Efficiency audit of the current collection system.
  • Savings by minimizing fuel costs and emissions.
  • Improved quality of service for citizens.
  • Training at local company to better face future changes in recycling laws.
  • Savings for citizens thanks to an increase in recycling.