A smart city platform for the town of La Rinconada

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Municipality of La Rinconada




Public administration


La Rinconada, Spain


A project integrating multiple public service verticals (waste collection, public lighting, and energy efficiency) into a single intelligent management platform.

The project


La Rinconada, a municipality of Seville with nearly 40,000 inhabitants, took a chance on communications and invested in education, demonstrating its commitment to digital transformation through new technologies. Town officials shifted their focus to citizens and their wellbeing by offering various smart solutions. One of the town’s biggest challenges was optimizing the waste management model to avoid unnecessary collection routes, thereby saving on fuel consumption.

Another key objective for economic and social progress was to increase efficiency in the management of public lighting, and to better monitor and control the consumption of efficient energy in town buildings.


Wellness TechGroup proposed a horizontal IoT platform for smart city management, which unified data from multiple sources into actionable intelligence for optimized efficiency.

The platform for La Rinconada integrated three smart solutions to help solve some of the town’s biggest challenges. Quamtra Waste Management increased the efficiency of waste collection, in turn reducing pollution, and generated real savings in management. WeLight Smart Lighting improved the management of street lighting and the optimization of the town’s lighting infrastructure. Finally, WeSave Energy Efficiency monitored and optimized energy consumption for better resource use.


  • The unification of data in real-time in a single IoT platform.
  • Data easily accessible via the web.
  • The generation of KPIs to help improve management of the various contracts implicated in the project.
  • Identified areas for improvement in services that will support the optimization of operations.