MODUS Rota: a smart and sustainable destination for residents and visitors

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Rota, Spain


Project that launches multiple verticals and integrates them into a single Smart City platform for intelligent management of the city of Rota, Cadiz.

The project


Rota, a city located in the Bay of Cádiz with more than 28,000 inhabitants, has initiated an ambitious clean energy project, reinforcing its commitment to the environment and establishing itself as a Smart City reference. The idea behind this project began with the city’s transition to exclusive use of clean energy across all supply points and urban lighting, delivered by Aura Energía. These initial steps taken by the city have laid the groundwork for continued growth, solidifying Rota’s commitment to Smart City solutions.

MODUS, the municipal management company in charge of Rota’s urban infrastructure, environment, lighting, water, mobility and city events, will use Wellness TechGroup technology to improve service management. The MODUS Rota initiative is a two phase process that aims to establish policies and practices that will help the foundation of Smart Cities:

  • Phase 1 begins with the launch of a platform to support the different verticals within the project, and will also be dedicated to the development of Smart public lighting and energy consumption monitoring.
  • Phase 2 focuses on the transformation of Rota into a smart, safe and clean city with a sustainable mobility offering. In addition, solutions will be implemented to turn Rota into an intelligent tourist destination.


The Wellness TechGroup IoT and Big Data platform Amaia will be the central hub for the different solutions in this project, and the heart of Rota’s Smart City transformation. This technology will be used to manage all of the verticals mobilized to improve public service management for MODUS operations. The Amaia Big Data platform first collects data from different sources, assets, processes, people and systems and then converts it into actionable information used to optimize operations.

In Phase 1, Amaia will provide support to WeLight Smart Lighting, the remote monitoring and control solutions for the city lighting infrastructure. This solution will support managers in inventory control, as well as both corrective and preventive maintenance of the streetlight network. In addition, WeLight will also integrate innovative applications for Smart Lighting including urban safety and decorative city illumination for festivals and special occasions.

Rounding out Phase 1, the WeSave Energy Efficiency solution will be also integrated to monitor energy consumption and detect deviations at every supply point in Rota. This system will play an important role in establishing policies for city-wide energy consumption and generating awareness about consumer habits.



  • Efficient management of public services through a unique IoT platform.
  • Remote control of streetlighting infrastructure.
  • Energy consumption monitoring to generate savings.
  • Implementation of energy consumption deviation alerts.
  • Commitment to environmentally friendly city operations with sustainable energy consumption and clean energy.
  • The transformation of Rota into a Smart City reference.


In Phase 2, additional solutions will be implemented throughout Rota to improve security, environmental sustainability and mobility, as well as to enhance the tourist experience.

Rota will reinforce urban safety with the implementation of a citizen app and cameras with video analytics, which will be used to detect and report incidents to the city monitoring center. Streetlights will be configured to enable an anti-panic mode in which lights change from warm, dim lighting to 100% bright white lighting for complete visibility when required.

A series of solutions will be implemented specifically to put the Smart Tourism Strategy into effect including Big Data for tourism, social WiFi, touristic apps and interactive beacons, providing an innovative digital experience for visitors.

The Quamtra Smart Waste Management solution will be implemented for improved sustainability, optimizing the city’s waste management program for a more efficient approach with reduced carbon footprint. This line of action aims not only to elevate the city’s reputation and appeal, but generate savings in the waste management process as well.

As for mobility, the WeGo&Park solution will enable smart management of transportation in Rota, allowing for control of designated parking areas, city information panels and photovoltaic panels used to power EV charging stations.