Smart Lighting in Castellón’s Smart Villages

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Castellón Provincial Council




Public Administration


Castellón, Spain


Public lighting remote management system for 14 municipalities of the 29 Smart Villages in the Province of Castellón.

The project


Aiming to achieve a more modern, agile, sustainable and efficient management of public resources and services, the Castellón Provincial Council has promoted, through Innovative Public Procurement (IPP) mechanisms, the Smart Villages initiative, a smart, standardized, transversal and open technological platform, available to the 135 municipalities of Castellón. The platform offers the ability to centrally monitor and manage an expandable set of municipal services.

Among these services is public lighting. The Castellón Provincial Council has underlined the importance of using specific tools for remote management as way to achieve energy savings, and has relied on Wellness TechGroup for the Public Lighting module, which allows the monitoring of certain electrical variables (intensity, voltage, active and reactive power) in the municipalities entrusted to the public lighting management service.

The objective of Smart Public Lighting services is to achieve a more efficient management of energy while improving the lighting of the municipality.


The Castellón Provincial Council has developed several plans in recent years to improve, through remote management solutions, public lighting infrastructures and municipal buildings, highlighting the need for tools with open source Web solutions and interoperable with other systems.

After a preliminary consultation with the market the Castellón Provincial Council analyzed different remote management solutions and Smart City software platforms for existing municipal facilities that would satisfy these innovative needs. The Castellón Provincial Council trusted on WeLight Smart Lighting to address the Smart Villages Public Lighting module.

The WeLight Smart Lighting solution, developed to improve the quality and efficiency of public lighting, and designed under the premises of Integration and scalability, has been entrusted to 14 Castellón municipalities for the remote management of 23 control panels and technical management of their lighting networks.


  • Detection of deviations, failures and inappropriate use of electrical consumption in monitored lighting installations.
  • Estimated energy savings of 15%.
  • Programming of schedules for automatic switching off and on of the luminaires.
  • Possibility of changing lighting intensity and temperature profiles to improve tourist and citizen experiences.
  • The Castellón Provincial Council is at the forefront of institutions in making use of Public Procurement of Innovation tools for contracting smart solutions at the service of its municipalities.