Cybersecurity in the spotlight. Wellness Telecom participates in the “The Voice of the Andalusian Industry” event

“The Voice of the Andalusian Industry”, a cybersecurity event organized by the Center for Industrial Cybersecurity, took place yesterday, April 11, in Seville, Spain. Wellness Telecom participated as an event sponsor, and their head of cybersecurity, Francisco Pérez, spoke about “Pathological anatomy in industrial cybersecurity”. In his presentation, Francisco analyzed industrial environments, cybersecurity risk scenarios and Wellness Telecom solutions in this area.

Throughout the morning, the Industrial Cybersecurity Centre presented data from a study on the state of cybersecurity in Andalusian industry and discussed the integration of IT and OT, as well as how to apply cybersecurity in the development of industrial software. Companies and industrial businesses were made aware of new challenges and security solutions affecting their organization, and how the application of new technologies can improve and optimize their processes.

The event was attended by companies and institutions such as the Regional Government of Andalusia, Aljarafesa, EMASA, Befesa, Ayesa, among others.