Extraordinary times call for exceptional spirit

Wellness TechGroup CEO David Garcia Ternero reflects on what’s going on in the world today

The current situation in which we find ourselves has led us to put extraordinary measures in place, and requires nothing less than exceptional action from each and everyone of us, starting with Wellness TechGroup team. This group of individuals is the engine that drives the company with determination and passion — We are fortunate to rely on such a dedicated team. Following the official government recommendations for health and safity, we’ve made the decision to operate 100% remotely, with complete confidence that we will continue to provide the same standard of service to all.

From Spain to Mexico, Australia to Sweden, and India to the UK, the more than 100 employees that make up Wellness TechGroup proudly embody the #WellnessSpirit together with Enzen Group. This spirit is the same ethos that inspires us dialy to imagine a world where cities, companies and organizations are made more intelligent through technology, improving quality of life for citizens, visitors, customers and employees. This is our company vision, and at a time like this, it’s more important than ever to make that vision a reality.

When it comes to our customers and partners, technology is key in successfully navigating the challenges before us. With data aggregation and Big Data capabilities, updated and correlated data can be accessed in real-time; the Internet of Things makes it possible to sensorize nearly any element and initiate service only when necessary; effective management of Cybersecurity for remote-work environment ensures secure and resilient data transmission. These are only some examples of the many ways in which technology is our greatest ally in difficult times.

It is now vitally important to ensure continuity of critical citizen services such as public lighting and waste management. Our solutions and services are designed with High Availability in the Cloud, ensuring operations without incident. More than that, these tools allow managers to adapt services to real-time demand, making them crucial in times like these.

At Wellness TechGroup, our determination and commitment remain strong, and we will continue to work towards creating a better world for citizens with our technology.

In closing, we’d like to take a moment to reflect upon how this experience can be a force for good that inspires us to strive to be better and more responsible citizens of society, more adaptable, more empathetic and more unified. It is our hope that as global community we learn to be more caring towards our senior citizens and those who are most vulnerable. We must take care of the environment, leaving it better than when we found it, for future generations to enjoy.

On behalf of the entire Wellness TechGroup team, wishing you and your loved ones good health and compassion.

David García Ternero

CEO & Founder