FIWARE certifies Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions devices

Open APIs for the Internet of the Future

The FIWARE IoT Ready Program reviewers have finished the evaluation of our implementations.Quamtra sensor and Welight Lighting Control Unit, both have successfully completed the FIWARE IoT Ready Program, and our devices have been published in the list of FIWARE IoT Ready commercial devices in the FIWARE website

FIWARE IoT Ready Programme

Thousands of startups, SMEs and individual developers worldwide are working out their solutions based on FIWARE opensource platform components at present.

More over, up to 60 cities in Europe and Latin America have signed up the OASC alliance membership meaning they intend to share and publish their smartcity data by means of FIWARE interoperability model.

FIWARE IoT Ready program aims to enlarge our open ecosystem connecting relevant IoT hardware producers as technology providers to our large base of developers.


FIWARE is a new infrastructure in the cloud for the creation and deployment of services and applications on the Internet of the Future, arising from the European Commission and the main European ICT companies.