ICT Proposers’ Day 2019 reaffirms the need for governments to assume ICT

Helsinki hosted this year a new edition of the ICT Proposers ’Day to push the European Union towards the technological vanguard.

Helsinki, capital of Finland, where the event took place.

One year again we have been present at the ICT Proposers’ Day, the largest annual event of the European Commission to promote the research and knowledge transfer of the ICT. The event was held this year in Helsinki between the days September 19th and 20th.

In this event we held dozens of meetings between experts, SMEs, large companies of the sector and authorities from all over Europe to share impressions and ideas of the technological landscape in our continent. The goal of this meeting was to exchange interests for the preparation of future proposals and to structure consortiums that respond to the needs posed by the European Commission, to place our community economy at the forefront of an environment as competitive as today.

We have had the opportunity to learn what is spoken in Europe regarding Innovation in the sector. Good news, we speak the same language! To the already classic topics of communications infrastructure, new terms are added to our message, such as neuromorphic, high performance or quantum computing.

Now we are at the time of artificial intelligence, the use of data to provide information and make the machines decide for us. Does it sound familar to you? Yes, Skynet is closer. But while a robot of the future arrives to save us all, the message is increasingly aligned with our vision of technology for Public Administration. Governments are realizing that ICT has to be assumed as a mean for the cities and its rulers to be more efficient, more competitive and to provide better services to citizens.

In that environment we have a lot to offer, our experience in large Smart Cities projects and the message we promote make us a desirable partner and -—more importantly still— an ally with extensive and proven experience. Our solutions are an ideal tool at the service of municipal managers and bring high value to the ecosystem of smart cities that are increasingly rooted in Europe.