Eco-aware and persuasive network of devices for user engagement in energy efficiency

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European Commission


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Wellness TechGroup

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1.881.500 €


1/4/16 – 30/10/19


The project

The GreenSoul project aims to achieve greater energy efficiency in public buildings by changing the way people use shared energy consuming devices (i.e. lights, printers, etc.) and personal devices (i.e. personal computers, plugs, etc.). In order to achieve this goal, GreenSoul will apply a two-fold strategy: -Persuade users to increase their energy-awareness and change their e-consumption habits through a series of social strategies via interactions with connected devices. -Embed intelligence in network devices so they may autonomously choose the most energy efficient operations. GreenSouled devices will learn from user habits, acting only when wasteful behaviour is detected, or when users do not heed device suggestions.

Consortium: Wellness Techgroup, Weizer Energie-Innovations-Zentrum GmbH, Ethniko Kentro Erevnas Kai Technologiks Anaptyxis, Dimos Pylaias Chortiati, Cambridge Cleantech Ltd., Universidad de Deusto, Allia Ltd., Ceres Consultoría en Telecomunicaciones S.L., 4ward Enery Research GmbH, Cel-F Solar System Limited (Ecolution).


  • Smart Analysers that not only monitor and react, but also incentivise and persuade users to save energy.
  • Socio-economic behavioural model to motivate users to save energy.
  • Green-Souled Things with smart adaptors that turn conventional plugs into user-friendly, internet connected and energy-conscious devices.
  • Social and contextual mobile apps as persuasive, incentivising elements that engage users in an easy and accessible manner.
  • A data analytics engine that assists in decision-making by learning about users’ energy consumption habits and responding in a predictive and reactive way, in order to incentivise users to change their use of energy consuming devices.


  • Project coordination.
  • Adaptation of smart analysers to use in pilot buildings in order to increase their decision-making functionality.
  • Implement a network of sensors in pilot buildings to collect environmental data that interacts with control algorithms.
  • Create the data visualization and exploitation layer of the management platform.
  • Define the exploitation plan.