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University of Western Macedonia

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7.998.285 €


1/11/20 – 31/10/23




The project

Provide a novel next generation reference architecture based on cutting-edge technologies. TERMINET’s primary intention is to bring (more efficient and accurate) decisions to the point of interest to better serve the final user targeting at applying distributed AI at the edge by using accelerated hardware and sophisticated software to support local AI model training using federated learning. Our solution aspires to reduce the complexity of the connecting vast number of heterogeneous devices through a flexible SDN-enabled middleware layer. It also aims to design, develop, and integrate novel, intelligent IoT devices. Our solution intends to apply a vertical security by design methodology by meeting the privacy-preserving and trust requirements of the NG-IoT architecture. To foster standardization activities for the IoT ecosystem, TERMINET will provide novel disruptive business models. For the evaluation of its wide applicability, TERMINET will validate and demonstrate six proofof-concept, realistic use cases in compelling IoT domains such as the energy, smart buildings, smart farming, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Consortium: 27 partners from 10 countries. Scheneider, Ericcson, Intrasoft, NEC.


  • Being the responsible of the Smart City pilot definition, design, development, test and validation for energy efficiency in buildings.
  • Covering the whole value chain of data, from the sensing level until the platform able to manage the data collected and analyze them to offer valuable information to managers to take better decision.
  • WTG will apply AI techniques for being able to predict possible scenarios that may help to improve the service offered to citizens in several services belonging to Smart City concept.
  • WTG will develop a IOT node specific for Smart City use case in which new processing capabilities will be developed to achieve some of the purposes of TERMINET idea. WTG offer also its interoperable Amaia platform as the one to integrated the different data coming from other use cases.


  • Added value to Amaia smart IoT & Big Data Platform, adding new values to the platform with the IA algorithm and edge and fog computing.
  • The pilots’ execution will give to WTG the opportunity to prove empirically the IoT Node & Big Data Platform benefits brought forward by the integration of the IoT sensors and IA algorithms.
  • This experience will help tuning the IoT Node & Big Data Platform to the customers and market needs.
  • The collaboration gained with partners in the consortium, will generate combined exploitation opportunities.