IoT Security Institute (IoTSI) and IRIS Sentinel establish partnership to boost data security awareness

Wellness TechGroup’s cybersecurity division becomes first Spanish IoTSI ATP Authorized Training Partner.

Seville, March 16, 2022 | With increasing numbers of connected devices, sensors and systems resulting from evolving Smart technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity has never been more crucial. Cities and organizations are more vulnerable to cyberattacks than ever before, putting critical municipal management and the privacy of citizen data at risk. The need to prioritize the security measures underpinning today’s Smart City ecosystems provides the ideal backdrop for cybersecurity solutions.

The IoTSI’s work to strengthen the cybersecurity of the industry in an increasingly connected environment. IRIS Sentinel is recognized by The IoT Security Institute as the first Spanish ATP, Authorized Training Partner, to impart SCCISP (Smart Cities & Critical Infrastructure Security Professional) certification training. The SCCISP certification program is an IoT Security Institute educational initiative that provides an IoT security certification and industry-recognized credentialed career pathway for Cyber and Privacy professionals working within or seeking to enter, the IoT-IIoT Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure sectors. Earning the SCCISP proves you have the necessary skills to competently and securely design, implement and manage smart technologies and critical infrastructure eco-systems. The SCCISP prepares industry professionals with the necessary skills to address “smart world” cyber and privacy challenges.

The SCCISP is offered at a graded level (5 steps) to best accommodate an individual’s level of knowledge and experience within the cyber security industry. In addition, the SCCISP Campus offers elective courses that are specific to a particular sector or technology discipline. For example, SCCISP Maritime and SCCISP 5G certifications. For more information on the SCCISP certification courses, please visit the SCCISP Campus.

Wellness TechGroup has the experience of more than a decade as a company dedicated to implementing Smart Cities projects. This experience makes them aware of the risks that the data ecosystem generated by connected infrastructures entails in the future and the importance of securing them. That is why it decided to launch its own cybersecurity division, IRIS Sentinel, specialized in connected environments to provide a cybersecurity response to the challenges of digitization.

“IoT (internet of things) Technologies are providing the roots for a wide scale change in how we consume and perceive data. Nowadays they are everywhere, with flagship use cases as Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructures. Together with the IoT Security Institute, IRIS Sentinel has developed training courses that cover these important areas. Leveraging the years of experience in IoT from both sources, IRIS Sentinel is gladly becoming an ATP center to impart the IoTSI smart cybersecurity accreditation, the SCCISP certification, first of its kind” said Enrique Villa Crespo, IRIS Sentinel CEO and Wellness TechGroup CTO.

“The SCCISP certification provides cyber industry professionals with the skills to manage the cyber security challenges facing IoT Eco-Systems. It enables employers, clients and organizations a means by which to validate an individual´s cyber skills…within a smart technology context. The IRIS Sentinel /IoTSI partnership is an example of a smart technology service provider collaborating with a smart cyber educational institution to ensure their clients and stakeholders have access to recognized smart cyber training pre and post-smart solution deployment. This is a major step forward,” stated Alan Mihalic, President IoT Security Institute.


About the Internet of Things Security Institute (IoTSI)

The Internet of Things Security Institute is an academic and industry body dedicated to providing frameworks and supporting educational services to assist in managing security and privacy within an Internet of Things ecosystem. More information available at

About IRIS Sentinel

IRIS Sentinel is the Wellness TechGroup cybersecurity brand that was born to provide a cybersecurity response to the challenges of digitization.

The growing degree of connectivity provided by the new technologies related to the Internet of Things (IoT) transforms cities and organizations into scenarios with highly vulnerable and critical attack targets for municipal management, which, together with the need to preserve the privacy of citizens’ data, create the perfect ecosystem for the landing of our solutions.

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