Quamtra Sensors

The Q product range are IoT devices design for volumetric measurement. They are supplied with GPS, temperature and motion sensor to provide a detailed status of the installation conditions. The devices are able to adjust to unpredictable and dynamic scenarios, due to artificial intelligence algorithm implemented, remote control and real time alarms generation. Can be used in many applications such as waste, wastewater and industry 4.0.

Technical Specifications

  • They have been deployed to sense and monitor all types of materials, from solid to liquid: water, textiles, glass, waste oil, lubricants… However, these devices are far beyond than a simple level sensor: the ultrasonic level detector enables to know the fill-level of the tank in real-time; GPS mounted provides its location; temperature and motion sensors detect any vandalistic evidence, such as fire, shaking, beating or unexpected movement.
  • Manufactured in Polyamide with IP67 certification enclosure rating, these sensors have been designed to withstand blows and the worst thermal situations. Easy installation by rivets or self-tapping screws.
  • High quality lithium battery cell with more than 10 years’ lifetime. Memory inside with capacity of 12 records that can be extracted in case of fault.
  • Can be connected to most advanced and extended IOT or cellular networks like 2G, GPRS, LoRa and Sigfox. These technologies include different mechanism that improve the signal broadcasting. Hence, the connected devices can reach higher communication ranges with low power consumption and better deep indoor penetration. Payload and network communication are encrypted on different levels to avoid hacking attacks.
  • The use of this devices in Waste collection management enables to dynamically route your fleets, optimize routes, detailed KPI reports, decrease vandalism incidents, and improve business save strategy through our cloud-base monitoring and data analytics platform Quamtra Manager. The solution is currently tested and compatible with most network server in market.

Use cases

  • Smart Cities & Waste Management: Q sensors measures and transmits the status or fill level of each garbage bin, enable to dynamically route your fleets, detailed KPI reports, decrease vandalism incidents, optimize the amount of container in each area, identifying misplaced containers and improve business save strategy through Quamtra Smart Waste Management solution. This platform is the ideal solution for cities looking to adapt the collection of solid urban waste to meet residents’ needs. The solution moves municipalities away from a reactive, static collection model based on historical values towards a more proactive and innovative method.
  • Industry & Utilities: Q sensors are used to monitor and control the usage of water sources, like water tanks, borewell, etc. They also can play a key role in wastewater, water distribution or irrigation. Besides, they can measure any other liquid or solid used on industry sector, particularly suitable for outdoor or underground tanks.

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