Unigate is a gateway designed for the monitorization and remote management of control systems. The installations connected to the device can be easily and efficiency programmed and managed. Based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Unigate can be used in several use cases, such as public lighting management and Building energy efficiency.



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Technical Specifications

  • Connected to each lighting control panel, Unigate manages the measurement equipment, the lightings’ turning on/off, server’s communication, and control additional elements in the electrical panel, such as point-to-point control equipment, cable theft protection, flux regulator, door opening sensors, etc.
  • The device is based on two processors to provide robustness in case of electric fault or failure.
  • Unigate is a versatile equipment which has the most common and extended industrial interfaces and protocols: RS232 MODBUS RTU, RS485 MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP/IP Ethernet; Besides, it also has different digital and analogic inputs and outputs that allows the external variables’ acquisition and connection to public supplies. It is possible to implement any other protocol not included under request.
  • Due to the gateway’s flexibility, it can be used in both system architecture: centralize or point to point control with different dimming techniques such as PLC, RF and pulses.
  • Security measures are implemented in both hardware and software (VPNs, SSL certificates, etc.) so that all information can be securely transferred online.
  • Different new and extended wireless technologies integrated to adapt to many scenarios: WIFI, GPRS, 3G, NB-IoT/cat M1.
  • The use of Unigate with the Smart city platform WeLight, improve the energy efficiency and optimize the installation’s management, decreasing maintenance and operational costs.

Use cases

  • Smart public lighting (Smart Cities): Unigate monitors and controls the public lighting infrastructure, detecting irregularities in consumption or operational malfunctions, as well as compiling consumption and savings reports. The system helps managers to prepare inventories and carry out both preventative and corrective maintenance. This solution not only guarantees energy efficiency but is also key for public and traffic safety.
  • Smart cooling/heating system and energy efficiency: The use of Unigate with the Smart city platform Wesave, decrease the electric consumption and increase the energy savings public, commercial and industrial buildings. The device allows real time control of energy consumption; automatic switch on/off of the cooling, heating and lighting systems; user consumption and behavior pattern analysis through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence tools.
  • Smart water management and irrigation system: Control and reduction of operational costs of waste water plants by monitoring electric and energy parameters. Data acquisition of water meters, pressure sensors and other sensors to find network leakages, actuators' switch on/off, temperature and humidity control in irrigation plants...
  • Utilities and sustainable mobility: Energy supply and network distribution through microgrids based on different solutions of renewable energy. Control and management of the electric car recharge points.

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