Maximazing Interoperability WorldWide increasing LoRaWAN Compatibility and Partnering

The huge potential of LoRaWAN network relays on its ease and speed of deployment in any location.

Painted gray, the countries where we can deploy not only the solutions, but also the LoRaWAN network with some of the partners it has integrated.

Imagine your Smart City anywhere in the world, envision efficient waste collection services, adaptive lighting considering time and location within the city, car drivers who can quickly trace parking lots in the city reducing traffic bottlenecks and emissions, adapt energy consumption in your buildings according to real needs… All this is possible to implement thanks to LoRaWAN networks.

The huge potential of LoRaWAN network relays on its ease of deployment in any location, allowing the city to quickly make available a secure and optimal communications channel for Smart IoT devices. In addition, its design allows maximizing the useful life of the IoT devices minimizing maintenance, giving a secure encryption layer of sensitive data and at the same time giving a highly scalable network where future services can be incorpored easily.

Wellness TechGroup incorporates the highest layer of integration with LoRaWAN operators on the market, allowing any Smart project to be quickly launched in any city. All you have to do is select a location on the map