MiniQ: Robust and durable

The IP67 and IK10 certifications verify that our volumetric measurement sensor is robust enough to withstand the adverse conditions found in all kinds of deployment environments.

The MiniQ sensor is the compact version of our Quamtra Sensor product line for volumetric measuring IoT devices. The sensor has recently been certified with the IP67 Degree of Protection and the IK10 Impact Factor, which guarantee it operates correctly in extreme weather conditions and is resistant to significant impact.

Ingress Protection (IP) certifies the MiniQ’s resistance against dust (reflected in the first digit, with a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 6) and water (reflected in the second digit, wth a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 9k). The IP67 Degree of Protection indicates the sensoris enabled with total protection against dust, and resistance against water with correct device functioning and without leaks when immersed for up to one meter for half an hour.

The IK code certifies the degree of protection or resistance of the sensor’s casing against an external impact on a scale of 0 to 10. The IK10 Degree of Protection verifies that the MiniQ device’s polyamide enclosure withstands maximum possible resistance, protecting the internal content of the sensor from shocks of up to 20 Joules of energy.

In addition, LoRaWAN compatible MiniQ devices have received the CE and FCC certifications for Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility.

The combination of these certifications make the MiniQ a robust, effective sensor suitable for aggressive environments such as the inside of containers and bins. The sensors are able to endure the adverse conditions of waste collection, including outdoor installation, exposure to extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, humidity and water. The proven durability of the devices guarantees proper operation of the sensor in the face of temperature changes, periodic cleaning with water, and underground collection systems which are prone to dust and humidity.

In short, MiniQ ensures a safe and reliable solution for users and operators, providing visibilitity of the filling level within bins and containers while withstanding harsh environmental conditions in any container or bin throughout the city.