Montevideo embarks on one of the most ambitious Smart Street Lighting projects worldwide

Wellness TechGroup has been the technology provider for the project in the Uruguayan capital, which will incorporate 70,000 smart LED luminaires.

Montevideo’s smart lighting project consists of replacing 70,000 luminaires with LED technology, which will be equipped with Wellness TechGroup’s WeLight technology, and will cover an area of 200 square kilometres and more than 1.3 million citizens.

After successfully completing the pilot project in which 53  Actis Plus Nema 7 nodes and three Multitech Gateways were installed in Montevideo, Wellness TechGroup is now implementing the ambitious smart lighting system of the Uruguayan capital, which includes around seventy thousand smart luminaires, of which the first operational units are already deployed.

Gateway installed during the pilot.

The intelligent lighting system of the Uruguayan capital is expected to achieve a reduction from 37.7 thousand tonnes of CO2/year to 6.2 thousand tonnes of CO2/year; as well as the reduction of approximately 80% of CO2 emissions thanks to the substitution of LED technology and the remote management system.

In addition to these energy and CO2 savings, the project will result in a significant improvement in the quality of the public lighting service, greater efficiency and optimisation of operations, an improved user experience and the preparation of the city of Montevideo to embark on the path towards the Smart City.

Wellness TechGroup will provide cutting-edge technology for this initiative with the installation of Actis Plus Nema 7, the node for remote control of lighting points, equipped with Nema7 fast connection, network analyser, external sensor data input and adaptive lighting capability. In addition, the project will use WeLight Manager, the most powerful software made with market feedback to know all the data of the intelligent public lighting service instantly.

Replacement of luminaires in Montevideo.

The Montevideo lighting system will be supported by the LoRaWAN® communication network. Thus, the project ensures low total cost of ownership, advanced technical attributes, high security, flexible network deployment models, optimised battery life and a fast-growing smart ecosystem.

In addition, the project is being run together with National Narrowband Network Company (NNNCo), Australia’s leading LoRaWAN network operator with a carrier licence, provides a scalable IoT network service and platform to enable enterprise-grade solutions for businesses and the government.

The project is led by the Technical Unit for Public Lighting (UTAP) of the Montevideo City Council. Wellness TechGroup is the provider of the technological solution contracted by PRODIE S.A., the Uruguayan company awarded the project requested by UTAP. Effiza, a company specialised in energy efficiency projects and smart city developments, is participating as a partner in the project.