Smart buildings: from monitoring to comprehensive management with WeSave Manager

The energy monitoring platform adds Climate Control and Objectives modules as new features.

Smart buildings play a leading role in shaping Smart Cities. Wellness TechGroup has evolved its building energy monitoring product, WeSave Manager, to become a comprehensive building management tool.

Thanks to the new climate control module, the manager will be able to independently and precisely control building’s air conditioning systems, allowing its rooms to maintain the levels of ergonomics and comfort recommended by RITE. In addition, the module makes possible to preventively detect incidents in the machines, improving their service and useful life.

The Objectives Module allows the manager to establish and control savings objectives, making their facilities more efficient and sustainable, and, at the same time, maintaining an adequate level of user comfort.

With the help of these two new functionalities, WeSave Manager can also become a prevention tool against the spread of COVID19, by detecting high levels of CO2 concentration (associated with greater chances of spreading the virus in the air) and act by activating automatically air renewal systems.

Finally, based on the new features introduced in the billing module, the user will be able to simulate his invoice, so that he will know the costs of it in advance.