make your data shine: connect, monitor, plan and optimize

IoT & Big Data Platform

Big Data technology equipped with AI that converts data from multiple sources, assets, processes, people and systems into actionable intelligence to achieve optimization and efficiency in all types of organizations.

Know the status of your service at a glance

360 view, web access, and ease of use

Make agile decisions with real-time information

Alerts management, automated actions and notifications, and extraordinary streaming

Discover new ways of doing things

KPIs, automations, Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning, and prescriptions

Take advantage of its unique integrated services

Integrated use cases, network servers, IoT data backends

Grow to meet your needs

SaaS model, modularity, regulatory compliance, dashboards, and configurable KPIs on-the-fly

How Amaia improves the management of cities and businesses

Safe city

Safe city The city that reacts

The Safe City model integrates and interacts with multiple elements in a city to ensure urban safety for its citizens

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Clean and Efficient City

Clean and Efficient City Sustainability and Savings

A circular economy model that optimizes energy resources to create a more efficient, sustainable and resilient environment while also generating economic savings

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Smart Destinations

Smart Destinations Innovative Tourist Destinations

Technology conceived to transform territories into smart and sustainable destinations that deliver an enhanced digital tourism experience

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Smart Campus

Smart Campus A smart environment for the University Community

Involve the entire university community in fostering a shared vision for its campus

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Connected Industry 4.0

Connected Industry 4.0 the connected value chain

Smart Agro

Smart Agro sustainable and competitive farming



Improved decision-making


Historical analysis in real-time


Multi-tenant platform with unlimited profile creation and permissions


Improved quality and control with multiple integrated services


Alerts and notifications from stored data


Optimization of resources and costs and improved service

Technical Specifications

  • Big Data and built-in automated learning, historical distributed processing and real-time engine (oriented to time series).
  • Acquisition and control compatible with the multiprotocol environment: MQTT, COAP, Modbus, HTTP, and SNMP, among others.
  • The multi-language RESTful (Swagger) SDK and APIs assure broad interoperability for Intelligent Services integrations, as well as other third-party platforms.
  • Native end-to-end cybersecurity mechanisms that analyse data to detect vulnerabilities and assess risks.

  • Opendata module based on the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN).
  • GIS engine and repository for asset georeferencing, with geographic queries (compatible with OGC) compatible with leading map servers such as Google Street Map, OpenStreetMap, ESRI'S ArcGIS, etc.
  • Support layer, with multiple modules (record monitoring, task scheduler, ACL with LDAP integration, semantic data management) and device management
  • Alarm Manager, including activation and monitoring of workflows for problem solving (at operational and maintenance level)
  • Administrator for KPIs and numerous types of graphs and maps, for quick and easy creation of dashboards and dynamic reports.


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How does Amaia help in decision-making?