Sentinel Manager

Anticipate and respond to cyberthreats

Sentinel Manager

Software platform which allows, thanks to Big Data, to process the information of the network devices, adding customizable cybersecurity dashboards. Sentinel Manager provides a general vision of infrastructure's cybersecurity status, allowing a quick management of incidences and anticipating every potential cybersecurity breach. All this supplied by an intuitive and customizable online portal.

Know the status of every network device at a glance

Updated asset monitoring and control

Manage cyberrisk in real time

The platform can evaluates in real time the risks on monitored assets

Know and manage your asset's weaknesses

Every weakness is notified in real time by the platform, allowing rapid responses

Customize your own cybersecurity dashboard

The platform's customizable interface allows to design dashboards for each concrete environment, having access to every source of information in the infrastructure

Ability to integrate and develop new functionalities

The platform can be integrated to other environments and develop new features



General view of the cybersecurity


Integration of each and every device into a single platform


Know and manage risks by limiting their impacts


Real time management of weaknesses


Reduction of response times against incidences.


Intuitive and easy managenent of the platform

Technical Specifications


  • Quick deployement of the solution (Cloud/on-premise).
  • Asset management.
  • Ability to detect cyberthreats.
  • Analysis and correlation of data.
  • Data base and awareness of weaknesses.
  • Result reporting through an online dashboard.


  • Architecture guided by events, scaleable and modular, based on micro-services.
  • Multiple collectors which gather information of the environment in a passive and active way.
  • Backend with cloud data process.
  • Safe communication between backend and collectors through a middleware.
  • Protection against information losses. In case of communication losses between backend and collectors, data will be stocked in a local disk until communications are restored.
  • Storage of large amounts of information in Big Data systems in a distributed manner.
  • Ability to correlate data from multiple sources of information
  • Infrastructura in Microsoft Azure, offering the highest number of features in availability, scalability and compliance.


Sentinel Manager is integrated in Cybersecurity & Privacy for Smart Cities solution. The following services are derived from the analysis of the information obtained by platform:

  • Audit: threat modeling, evaluate IT administration systems, identify critical areas of the city structure, test the security of Smart Technologies and verify the supply chain.
  • Strategy development and implementation: cybersecurity strategy designed according to city priorities
  • Resilient City: development a continuity and incident management plan, vulnerability and patch management.
  • Continuous monitoring: Infrastructure and data protection, periodic penetration testing, data collection and analysis, reports and derivables, malware detection and correlation, traffic information baseline and anomalies.

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