WeSave Manager

Analyze and optimize energy consumption

WeSave Manager

Flexible technological platform that allows to analyze the monitoring of energy consumption and other environmental parameters in buildings and facilities, being able to incorporate many sensors that allow managing from energy to other parameters of interest.

Know in detail all the information of your service

Monitoring that allows distinguishing between lighting, air conditioning or IT consumption, obtaining detailed and useful information.

Take decisions in real-time

Track and collect real-time data from each sensor to notify and correct faults and deviations.

Improve your service efficiency

Better reaction time against incidents, increasing the efficiency of the service and directly impacting on the improvement of customer service.

Savings increase

Analysis of the data collected to improve energy efficiency and define the most convenient policy to generate savings based on this information.

User Awareness

Sending personalized information on energy efficiency to users in order to collaborate in saving efforts.

How WeSave Manager improves energy efficiency in buildings and facilities

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Unify and integrate data from all sensors on a single platform


Easy, fast and intuitive Access to the platform


Monitor as many circuits as needed


Detection and analysis of deviations


Act by implementing behavior and use policies

Technical Specifications


  • Energy management module: The energy management module allows, through a simple and intuitive system, to know the status of electrical panels, and to receive notices about abnormal behavior. It allows the following functionalities:
    • Display on Google Maps.
    • Visualization of real-time and historical monitoring data.
    • Alarm management.
  • Inventory module: WeSave includes an inventory module for the management of the different elements that make up the installation. It includes the following functionalities:
    • Georeferenced inventory display
    • Inventory management
    • Inventory key management
  • Corrective maintenance module: WeSave allows you to manage the fault messages through its corrective maintenance module. This module can be visualized by different user profiles. The module consists of the following functionalities:
    • Notice/alert dashboard
    • Notice/alert management
  • Preventive maintenance module: To complete the maintenance module, a preventive maintenance module is available. Functionalities:
    • Management of preventive activities
    • Management of preventive notices


  • Report module:All the information obtained by the system can be extracted through configurable reports, with which you can know the status of the service (savings, maintenance) in a fast and intuitive way. The functionalities are:
    • Energy management reports
    • Savings reports
    • Maintenance reports

Customized reports may be made as long as they are constructed from monitored data already existing in the software and within an implementation plan by mutual agreement between the client and Wellness TechGroup. For example, cross-reference data reports may be requested: energy vs. power factor, energy by periods, or calculation reports of energy indicators of the installation.





Wellness TechGroup proposes a simple and intuitive system that will allow you to know instant consumption, its evolution and accumulated values. The application allows access to information added by the panels, as well as at the level of independent electrical circuits as long as there are tracked by WeSave team. In addition, the application includes:

  • Graphics and reports.
  • Web based access.
  • Different user’s profiles.
  • Export reports to PDF and Excel formats.
  • Comparison of variables.
  • Geolocation.
  • Generation of alarms and notifications.

An unified access interface to the monitoring software is provided from where you can both see at a glance the status of the entire installation and access to the detailed service information.


WeSave Manager is the software tool that tracks the energy monitoring and analyses the data collected by WeSave Energy Efficiency.

WeSave is a solution based on a monitoring and control platform of energy infrastructures in buildings and facilities. It is designed in a flexible way to become into a point of monitoring for all types of settings. WeSave is suitable for several sensors which allows to manage both energy parameters and other interesting indicators.

The architecture, based on IP communications, allows centralizing data in a simple and transparent way. Furthermore, its open architecture makes it compatible with already installed systems and allows the future addition of new elements.

Do you want to know how WeSave Manager can optimize the energy efficiency of your building or facility?