The IoT ecosystem and smart technology

Smart solutions that improve quality of life and optimize business decision making are diverse, from smart sensors and communications to Big Data platforms that integrate multiple verticals and final applications for the user. The key is bringing these aspects together with a comprehensive and dynamic approach. Perfectly combining multiple elements improves both public, in the case of municipalities, and private management within a company or organization. At Wellness TechGroup we design versatile solutions incorporating a range of products to provide our clients with the best service.

Smart cameras
Irrigation sensors
Humidity sensors
Gunfire detection
Route optimization
Electric vehicle charging
Social Wi-Fi
CMS and semantic web
Panic button
Variable message signs
Capacity control sensors
Vehicle filtering
Smart barriers
Tourism intelligence


At Wellness TechGroup we develop and implement our own solutions and products, as well integrating other third-party hardware and software. Our expert capabilities in smart sensors, cloud communications, cybersecurity, Big Data, and analytics allow us to design, integrate and operate complex projects that require a flexible skillset. We believe that collaboration is one of the foundations of success and providing the best possible solution to the client.

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