Unigate: Relay Pulse Sequence for Circuit Dimming Control

In addition to point to point dimming delivery scheme, a new dimming solution is posible thanks to Unigate relay control.

Unigate, the gateway designed for the monitorization and remote management of control systems, adds to its point to point dimming delivery scheme, a new feature: relay pulse sequence for circuit dimming control. It provides capability to regulate the light intensity along the luminaires of each circuit managed by the Unigate controllers at each control cabinet.

Unigate relay control scheme.

This feature provides an alternative for remote dimming control in scenarios where the Point-to-Point Light-controllers do not exist.

WeLight Manager, the software platform for the monitoring and control of public lighting infrastructure, offers a powerful tool to set up relay pulses duration within a pulse sequence associated to a certain dimming profile of the luminaire driver. The different lighting profiles available for each circuit are preprogrammable from WeLight Manager so that users have a scheduling tool with which they apply different dimming profiles throughout the calendar and the requirements of each situation.

WeLight Manager’s interface for dimming profile scheduling.