Utility Model: Micro Q

National Utility Model Concession in Spain No. 202030557 in the name of WELLNESS TELECOM, S.L.

Wellness TechGroup, following its strategy of protecting its intellectual property, has obtained the concession of a utility model by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. Through this utility model, our volumetric measurement technology is valued and is endowed with a protected innovation that can be tested and commercialized in the near future.

The invention relates to a device for monitoring the filling level of a tank. The device is not limited to the identification of a height elevation, but it acquires a cloud of measurement points of the entire container to generate a surface map with depth measurements of the substance contained inside the tank, so that any false positives that may be detected are eliminated.

For the detection of the filling level, the sensor device uses a volumetric detection transducer, and performs the analysis of the information captured by the transducer using artificial intelligence (computational intelligence) techniques. The filling level is computed in the device itself with a low energy requirement, which enable the portability of the device and the power supply by means of a small battery. For the calculation of the filling level, the device does not use a single measurement, but a plurality of measurements, which allows the real level of filling of the tank to be identified with high precision.

The device of the present invention can be applied to any tank or container element (such as bins, containers, silos, pits, tanks, containers, etc.) and any type of substance contained therein (both liquid and solid) that can be detected by the volumetric sensing transducer.