WeLight, a key part of the security system for Easter Week in Seville

For yet another year, Seville’s biggest event is being protected by ICTs.

The Seville City Council is once again implementing the successful public safety plan which, since 2018, has been coordinated by the Emergency Coordination Centre of Seville (CECOP) with the aim of providing a safe scenario of enjoyment for citizens and visitors during one of its most important events, Easter Week, which concentrates almost 1 million people in the streets of Seville during these days.

Wellness TechGroup is participating once again this year, together with ACISA, the company that maintains the public lighting in the area that includes the itinerary of the main processions during Easter Week in Seville. The change to dimmable LED luminaires, already undertaken by the city council in 2018 at strategic points along the route, plus the intelligent system for managing public lighting, WeLight Smart Lighting, enables the activation of the “Anti-panic lighting” functionalities to alert of a security incident in the area and facilitate evacuation and “Colour regulation” to create moments of intimacy and seclusion that enhance and accentuate the atmosphere of the processions in certain places along the route of the brotherhoods.

Point-to-point lighting control nodes, developed by Wellness TechGroup, installed in luminaires.

Based on the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm, the operation of the system is articulated through a network of smart nodes placed in the luminaires over a LoRaWAN communications network that connect to the CMS (Control Management System) WeLight Manager, providing real-time information on the status of the luminaires and allowing their remote control.

Our solution, WeLight Smart Lighting, is integrated into CECOP’s security system, complementing a holistic solution, of which the company Bosch, and the Sevillian companies Axión, Protelsur and Sitelén form part, which also includes the deployment of cameras and sensors for capacity control and detection of anomalous behaviour. All these components will be monitored by a data correlation software platform with which the Seville City Council intends to offer a zero balance of relevant incidents in this long-awaited festival after the years of the COVID pandemic.

Street lamps with anti-panic lighting on Calle Laraña, Seville.