WeLight Manager has been certified by TALQ Consortium

WeLight Manager, a CMS solution that monitors and controls the public lighting infrastructure, is already part of the list of certified TalQ compliant products.

WeLight Manager recently achieved certification from the TALQ Consortium, the largest initiative for Smart Lighting standardization and interoperability, founded in 2021 by leading companies in the lighting industry. The certification demonstrates that Wellness TechGroup’s CMS, WeLight Manager, implements all the features required by the TALQ protocol.

The TALQ protocol responds to the main challenges of building truly Smart Cities like increasing safety and comfort for residents and visitors, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions worldwide and improving cost efficiency for Smart City operators by offering a multi-vendor choice that shares a common language for all applications.

WeLight Manager is a complete CMS solution that monitors and controls the public lighting infrastructure, detecting irregularities in consumption or operational malfunctions, as well as generation consumption and saving reports. WeLight Manager helps managers to prepare inventories, manage schedules, dimming profiles, alarms, and carry out both preventive and corrective maintenance. The solution is compatible with several street lighting scenarios: circuit-based remote management at the electrical panel and luminarie-based point-to-point remote management, both of which are compatible with conventional lamps and LED. It is also able to manage multiple communications technologies such us LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, LTE-M, Mesh, SIGFOX or PLC.

Wellness TechGroup has been part of the TALQ Consortium since early 2021, as an associate member, taking an active role in the evolution of the globally accepted interface standard for Smart City applications and following the TALQ Requirements Working Group and Promotion Working Group to shape TALQ specifications.