Wellness TechGroup, committed to the sustainability of public lighting

The SlowLight manifest has been signed by the Andalusian technology company.

Seville, May 17th, 2021 | Wellness TechGroup has joined the Slowlight initiative that seeks to obtain better environments through light, both in urban and rural areas, creating harmonious night spaces, in which night regains prominence, thanks to calm, smart, healthy, sustainable, comfortable and emotional lighting. Wellness TechGroup has been operating in the Smart Cities sector for 13 years and therefore it gives support and aligns itself with the principles of this commitment to environmental sustainability and respect for the night sky.

Wellness TechGroup has a long track record in the field of Smart Lighting. Its WeLight solution remotely manages nearly a million luminaires around the world. On balance, the solution has created savings of more than 524,000 kWh thanks to its implementation in a large number of municipalities, and it is planned to save up to about 4 million additional kWh between this date and 2030. This translates into savings of up to the date of 95 tons of CO2 emissions with the goal of saving 700 tons by 2030.

At these crucial moments for our planet, energy efficiency and sustainability criteria are being considered in public lighting actions, and there are even institutional declarations aimed at preserving the natural environment at night. In the coming years Spain faces a great challenge and debate as the replacement of 5 million points of light will be put out to tender, and companies, professional groups and society advocate a connected and intelligent lighting model that reduce environmental impact and reclaim the night sky for citizens.

In this sense, in May 2020 the Slowlight manifesto was published and since then more than 75 entities have already joined. It is a citizen initiative that aims to combine synergies, levers and resources that involve citizens, the public sector, the private sector and the scientific sector.