Wellness TechGroup in Global Smart Street Lighting & Smart Cities-Market Forecast 2020-2029 report

The american Consulting Firm NorthEast Group has metioned Wellness TechGroup as one of the key vendors serving the global smart street lighting market in its latest report.

Northeast Group is a smart infrastructure market intelligence firm based in Washington, DC with expertise in the smart cities and utility infrastructure sectors. Northeast Group publishes in-depth research studies, datasets, notes and offer custom research services and WTG has participated and has been placed in the top 10 for market share globally and within the top 5 in the Americas region (North and South) in Northeast Group’s latest report: Global Smart Street Lighting & Smart Cities: Market Forecast (2020-2029), the 6th edition of Northeast Group’s study that has become the industry standard for research on the global smart street lighting and smart cities market.

The study finds that world’s more than 300 million streetlights are undergoing a profound transformation. Until recently, they were a largely ignored segment of the municipal infrastructure market. Now they are suddenly part of a dynamic market comprising LED conversions, smart (networked) nodes and smart city sensors. This is creating a $28.1 billion hardware and software market opportunity (not including installation) over the next decade. Research includes authoritative market share data on smart street lighting vendors, market forecasts for 125 individual countries over the period 2020-2029, data on the historical growth of the market, analysis of the vendor landscape and other market insights.

You can also read the report’s excerpt: Wellness TechGroup excerpt_Global Smart Street Lighting & Smart Cities 2020-2029_Northeast Group.