Wellness Telecom develops a pioneer IoT end-to-end project in Granada

The home of the Alhambra palace has become an urban laboratory thanks to Ferrovial Services and CISCO.

The local government in Granada has launched a pilot project in six districts of the city to improve the collection of urban waste in the municipality, going from static routes to dynamic routes of waste collection thanks to real-time information supplied by volumetric measurement sensors.

In total for this project, the Andalusian technology firm has deployed 210 sensors that they have used to carry out this experiment. The devices installed in the interior of the containers are operated through a latest generation city platform which has the capacity to manage in a comprehensive manner the diverse urban services information such as traffic, meteorology and events. In this way, thanks to the urban information received, and based on analytical calculations and algorithms, it is possible to modify and optimize the waste truck routes to make them more efficient. This means a change in operations and the way in which public services are managed, from making decisions based on historic models to making decisions based on real-time data.

The sensors developed by Wellness Telecom surpassed a series of requirements to participate in the project, eventually becoming the option chosen by CISCO and Ferrovial Services to monitor the status of the containers. They have the ability to measure fill volumetemperature and the incline of the containers, are made of materials which are resistant to adverse weather conditions and are compatible with the new communication standard LoRa, among other things.

Wellness Telecom´s participation has involved carrying out a “turnkey” project, deploying the communication network infrastructure LoRa as much as the sensors and coordinating the sub-contraction work and the follow-up of the project.