Wellness Telecom invited to participate in the preparatory committee for “Industrial Strategy of Andalucía 2020”

 The Industrial Strategy of Andalucía 2020 (EIA2020) aims to guide the Industrial Policy of Andalucía towards the improvement of the business environment and to support the development of a strong and sustainable industrial base, with enterprises capable of competing worldwide. Within the framework of the Industrial Strategy of Andalucía 2020 (EIA2020) is the creation of the “Industry Working Group 4.0”. This working group is managed and coordinated by the General Directorate of Industry, Energy and Mines from the Andalusian Council.

Wellness Telecom takes part in the working group as a reference company in this sector in Andalucía, and as experts on the subject of two issues: advanced industry training and the digital transformation of Andalusian industrial companies.

The aim of the Industry Working Group 4.0 is to create a multidisciplinary meeting point to analyze and debate about opportunities for industrial development, in order to identify a set of actions which contribute to the promotion of digital transformation of Andalusian industrial enterprises.

In the case of advanced industry training, “smart factories” (fábricas inteligentes) are expected to be set up, capable of a greater adaptability to the needs and the processes of production, as well as a more efficient allocation of resources. In the case of digital transformation, the aim is to promote the incorporation of enabling technologies from the Industry 4.0 in the Andalusian industry, in particular the Internet of Things and Big Data, in order to improve manufacturing processes and developed products, as well as create new business models.