Wellness Telecom is the new partner of StadshubbsAlliansen (Sweden) for IoT projects

StadshubbsAlliansen was founded by Öresundskraft in 2017 and currently comprises more than 40 Swedish municipalities.

The members of StadshubbsAlliansen are groups of cities working together both commercially and technically to provide robust and competitive wireless infrastructure for IoT and to contribute to a sustainable digitalization of society.

An Open City Hub is a wireless infrastructure for the Internet of Things that, with the help of LoRa technology, enables detecting signals from sensors. The sensors can be fixed or placed on moving objects. Through the existing fiber network, the sensor’s data is transmitted securely and safely to its owner.

Wellness Telecom and StadhubbAlliansen create the perfect synergy to enable the development of smart city infrastructure and IoT ecosystems.

Tarek Saliba, EMEA Area Manager of Wellness Telecom Sweden: “As an end-to-end IOT provider, where communication is an important part of the process, we are extremely pleased with the developments StadshubbsAlliansen has made which enables faster decision making with less customer-side investment needs. In this way, we, as suppliers, can focus on project benefits, data and information on how to use this in intelligent architectures to get the most out of the investment. Thanks to StadshubbsAlliansen, we already have some on going and several contracted projects underway. The fact that infrastructure covers several municipalities enables regional digitization projects and we are already experiencing a growing interest and need”.

Johan Nyström, head of StadshubbsAlliansen at Öresundskraft: “We want to connect interesting suppliers with StadshubbsAlliansen who can help create IoT businesses through the network we build. I see that Wellness Telecom has technical solutions that can generate significant benefits for municipalities and infrastructure owners.”