Wellness Telecom, responsible for smart waste collection in Kalmar (Sweden)

The Sevillian company Wellness Telecom, a pioneer in Smart City technology, takes on a new project in the Swedish city of Kalmar: Smart waste collection for households.

Wellness Telecom is leading a new project in the city of Kalmar, Sweden, with the public waste collection company KSRR. The innovative project covers the installation of sensors in bins and enables connectivity for efficient waste collection.

What makes this project unique is the fact that waste is collected from household bins located at private residences, not public spaces, as is common practice in Norway and Sweden.

Wellness Telecom will install their Mini Quamtra sensors for a best-fit solution for smaller, residential bins. These devices use ultrasonic technology to measure the fill level of bins, and incorporate additional features including an accelerometer and temperature sensor.

The sensors transform bins into intelligent objects, capturing useful information in real time and transmitting data to the control center. With immediate access to this data, the waste collection manager can modify collection routes according to bin fill levels, thus optimizing operations.

For this project, approximately 500 units will be installed to cover the residential route throughout Kalmar. Wellness will collaborate with Kalmar Energi, a local energy company, as well as their strategic partner Atea, to ensure successful deployment of the solution. Kalmar Energi has rolled out the LoRa network in the city that will provide connectivity for the sensors.

Wellness Telecom’s solution for smart waste collection delivers a number of benefits including cost savings and increased sustainability by reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Mini Quamtra will also support KSRR as they face possible changes in national and international recycling laws and regulations.

The implementation of this solution in Kalmar will improve quality of service for citizens, as well as increase public awareness around reducing emissions. As citizens pay for the waste collection service, they will also reap financial benefits from this solution: the more they recycle, the more they will save.

This project is key for Wellness Telecom and paves the way for them in markets like the United Kingdom, the United States and other Nordic countries with similar waste collection systems.