WeSave Manager provides cost transparency to maximize efficiency in Smart Buildings

The platform for energy monitoring in buildings and facilities, WeSave Manager, introduces improvements in its billing module.

Graph of the Invoice report showing the cost and maximum power peaks of specific assets in a concrete period of time.

Knowing the costs associated with a building’s energy consumption is increasingly important to assess efficiency within Smart Cities and Smart buildings.

Wellness TechGroup has updated the WeSave Manager billing module so that the platform now calculates and displays estimated costs as well as the maximum power peak of each monitored circuit of a building within a selected period.

Thanks to the fee editor, managers will be able to indicate the price of kW/h and rates by hourly sections, regulated costs (contracted power, access toll, equipment rental, etc.) and taxes to later associate the corresponding rate with each circuit.

Users are able to visualize the consumption and billing graphs, as well as activate automatic notifications for spikes in consumption, providing a more accurate depiction of the building’s efficiency.

In addition, this module has a consumption simulator to find out how adding new devices or facilities would affect the building, helping prevent unexpected incidents in energy consumption and costs.

Invoice editor, where you can include fixed costs for power, rates and taxes and then define them by hourly sections (left) and a consumption simulator that allows the user to understand how additional devices and facilities would impact the current consumption (right)