WTS Horizon, a new venture in the sustainability sector

The Andalusian technology company, Wellness TechGroup, announces its new business venture.

Seville, August 10th de 2020 | Wellness TechGroup announces the market launch of new business endeavor: WTS Horizon, The Wellness TechGroup Sustainability Company.

With 12 years of experience in the Smart Cities sector, the Andalusian multinational expands its market offering with WTS Horizon. Its comprehensive approach to sustainable development projects is based on two strategic areas – Management of Operational Resources and Management of Energy Resources. The WTS Horizon portfolio includes a range of capabilities, from Risk Analysis to Sustainability Training with a special emphasis on the Waste Management sector. By combining Smart Technology and expertise in process techniques, the WTS Horizon services add strategic value that set them apart in the sector.

The new Wellness TechGroup company WTS Horizon will be led by sustainability expert Javier Gutiérrez Pérez, and a team with more than 25 years of experience in the sector.

WTS Horizon will focus on building tailor-made solutions in the field of sustainability, with a clear focus on results and service excellence. As the global framework continues to be affected by climate change, new rules and scenarios for different markets emerge, and government policies and society evolve. As a result, the way in which organizations are managed must also adapt to reflect these changes.