WTS Horizon will manage international industrial waste in Spain

WTS Horizon, expert in sustainability projects, has reached agreements to carry out this activity between foreign countries.

Seville, June 4th de 2021 | WTS Horizon has signed agreements with clients and suppliers, both foreign and domestic, in order to carry out industrial waste management in Spanish territory. The company, which develops Sustainable Development projects, launched on the market in July 2020 projects its international expansion plan only one year after its creation. This activity will be carried out in accordance with the ordinances that regulate the obligations and requirements for the transport of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste in the national and cross-border territory, in accordance with an ambitious work plan that extends until 2024.

WTS Horizon will manage everything related to the technical-administrative works required for this activity. WTS Horizon has already established collaborations with a wide network of authorized managers, logistics platforms, clients and treatment plants in Spain. This line of business will focus on the recovery of waste as well as its treatment in specialized plants with the aim that a minimum percentage reaches landfill.

The company carries out this activity within the legislative framework that regulates the transport and management of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste, which is conformed by Law 22/2011, of July 28th, on contaminated waste and soils, Spanish Royal Decree 553 / 2020, of June 2nd, which regulates the transfer of waste within the territory of the State and “cross-border”, Spanish Royal Decree 646/2020, of July 7th, which regulates the disposal of waste by landfill deposit and finally the Draft Law on Waste and Contaminated Soils (APL).

In this way, WTS Horizon develops its strategic approach as a high added value services company specialized in Sustainable Development.

About WTS Horizon:

WTS Horizon is Wellness TechGroup’s company specialized in Sustainable Development.

WTS Horizon’s main objective is to build complete and customized solutions in the field of sustainability, always with a clear orientation to results and service excellence tin the application of processes that contribute to Sustainable Development as well as the improvement of Integral Management of Waste, and the promotion of the Circular Economy by combining technology and technical specialization.

The WTS Horizon team has 25+ years of experience in the sector, and in-house Smart technology that’s been carefully developed over 12 years by Wellness TechGroup’s innovation lab and product department. This unique background and offering makes WTS Horizon an invaluable ally for all types of organizations.

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Alejandra Ruiz de Viana Blanco

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