IRIS Sentinel, the cybersecurity expert for Smart and IoT environments

The Andalusian tech company Wellness TechGroup launches its cybersecurity brand.

Seville, 30 June 2020 |With increasingly more connected devices, sensors and systems on the scene everyday thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and new technologies, and a rise in the constant transmission of sensitive data, cybersecurity has never been more vital. The vulnerabilities in connected and Smart Cities, and their critical role in municipal management, make them ideal targets for cyberattacks. In addition, cities are required to comply with data privacy laws to ensure citizen data is protectedIt is more important than ever to prioritize the security measures that underpin today’s Smart Cities. 

Through IRIS Sentinel, Wellness TechGroup offers a specific cybersecurity and privacy solution for Smart and IoT environments. This comes as a natural step after years of successful cybersecurity solution deployments in large corporations, and the development and deployment of smart solutions for cities since 2009. 

IRIS Sentinel is the WTG company division that will now be leading the development and implementation of cybersecurity solutions to provide technical and methodological support for customers. WTG’s experience in both the IT and IoT sectors, combined with expertise in sensors, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and Big Data, plays a key role in the division’s integrative approachIRIS Sentinel draws deeply on the company’s experience and capabilities in order to offer holistic solutions at the Smart City level by bringing together multiple products and services through Sentinel Manager softwaresomething that has not yet been done in the sector.   

IRIS Sentinel offers a unique portfolio of services including threat modeling and auditing to assess existing infrastructure cybersecurity and evaluate the customer’s level of compliance, cybersecurity and privacy strategy planning, and cyberattack resilience testing.