Sentinel Manager adds new features

The cybersecurity software platform that protects IT and IoT infrastructures enhances its Asset Manager & Risk Calcutator modules.

Does your Smart City project include cybersecurity?


Smart City projects today tend to miss the mark by zeroing in on specific solutions rather than taking a holistic approach. Too often cybersecurity is entirely overlooked, putting the city at risk for cyberattacks. With the vast amount of data that is generated and collected in Smart scenarios, there is, in fact, a great need for cybersecurity solutions. With cybersecurity management in place, anomalies are immediately detected and corrected to ensure the continuity of Smart ecosystems and infrastructures, as well as the privacy of individuals, employees and users.

Wellness TechGroup and IRIS Sentinel‘s cybersecurity software platform, Sentinel Manager, have released an upgrade adding functionalities to the Asset Manager module. This area of the software provides detailed information for IT (conventional networks), OT (industrial network), and monitored IOT networks (Smart devices), without requiring any active interaction with monitored scenarios.

The Risk Calculator analyzes monitored assets and infrastructure in real-time to preemptively detect risks and vulnerabilities, enabling immediate action. The latest upgrade improves correlation between various data sources, allowing managers to reduce real risks affecting confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Using Big Data, Sentinel Manager processes data from network devices, providing a 360º view of cybersecurity for rapid detection of cyber-risks and real-time management of cybersecurity.