BEFESA: integrated IT and security services

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Auditing and standardization of the Befesa IT infrastructure and implementation of the remote Support and Security Services solution.

The project


Befesa is a service company specializing in the recycling of steel dust, salt slags and aluminum waste, as well as logistics and other related industrial services. It manages more than 1.3 million tons of waste and produces more than 600 thousand tons of new materials annually. The company, with 1,250 employees, has 11 plants for the recycling of steel powder and 8 for salt slag and aluminum in 7 countries across Europe and Asia.

The main challenge, following the dissolution of a previous technology partner, was to manage a heterogeneous corporate infrastructure and to provide Befesa with the necessary technological capabilities for this new phase.


Wellness TechGroup carried out a migration of all Befesa’s systems across its 19 plants, transforming an on-site system to a service model in several phases, including an audit of all plants, the homogenization of corporate IT infrastructures, and a third operational phase based on Managed Support and Security Services.

The solutions portfolio offered by Wellness TechGroup covered everything from the management and support of IP communications to the implementation of a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), through a wireless communications service or WAN network traffic management. Within the same framework of managed services offered to all clients, it also offered Befesa an added-value of extended service to a private cloud interconnected with the rest of the network. This guaranteed a uniform quality of service for the entire Befesa network.

The migration of the legacy infrastructure from on-site to the cloud was recently completed, maintaining the same advantages while providing a cost-effective and in-demand solution.

Furthermore, thanks to the versatility of Wellness TechGroup’s solution, Befesa was able to optimally and efficiently split assets that it chose to sell to third parties.


  • Homogenization of the infrastructure.
  • Professional care of the communications network.
  • Expansion and supplementing of the potential of the IT team with highly qualified professionals.
  • Guarantee of continuity in services.
  • Responsiveness and proactive management of the life-cycle of all incidents.
  • Support levels tailored to the client.
  • Continuous technological updates.
  • Flexibility and review of service conditions.
  • A focus on the business, not on IT problems.
  • Return on investment in 5 years.