Quamtra arrives at Calatayud and Porto

Quamtra sensors for volumetric measurement inside containers have been installed in both cities as part of a demonstration.

Q device’s installation in a paper container.

Two Quamtra sensors’ installations have taken place in Calatayud, Spain and Porto, Portugal during July and August. These installations, encompassed in the SynchroniCity project, have consisted in the test of Quamtra devices in a variety of trash containers along the two cities. The accuracy of measurements and communications has been successfully proven.

Throughout the first two weeks of August, in Calatayud, the installation of 100 GPRS Quamtra sensors integrated with FIWARE was proceeded in glass and paper containers, as well as underground containers.

In Porto took place a study of Quamtra decives’ precision of measurements and communications together with the municipal waste collection company, Ambiente do Porto, Porto Digital and Formato Verde. The project is awaiting the installation of 100 sensors.

Quamtra sensors being placed inside underground containers in Porto.

The installation of a Quamtra sensor converts each container into an active smart element, which can transmit a variety of information about its fill level, status and location. In this way, waste overflows or collections of empty bins are avoided, and container’s displacement and fires can be detected.

Quamtra sensors are designed to be installed primarily inside urban solid waste containers in order to optimize collection and transport. Via the constant monitoring of fill levels, collection routes can be optimized to reduce economic and environmental costs.

A Q sensor being installed inside a glass container.

This solution was deployed inside glass containers in Seville, achieving up to a 66% waste collection cost’s saving.


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