Wellness TechGroup moved its headquarters!

WTG completed the move of its offices to Santo Tomás street, in the center of Seville.


After its 10-year stay in its former offices on Isla de la Cartuja, Wellness TechGroup finalized in November the move of its headquarters to the center of the Andalusian capital. The technology firm locates now its offices in a three-floor, 1000-square-meter building on Santo Tomás street in Seville, in front of the Archivo de Indias.

Building’s facade.

The reason for this relocation is driven by the changes derived by COVID-19, and especially by the extraordinary remote working measures and other preventive actions that Wellness TechGroup applies since March as part of the fight against the pandemic and efforts to restore normality. In this way, the new office adapts to the needs presented by the reality of remote working through a reservation system applicable to workstations and meeting rooms, in line with the seating policies and social distance.

Night & Daytime views from building’s roof.

The privileged location of the headquarters, overlooking some of the most emblematic monuments of the city of Seville, is also “a good moment to create inspiring workplaces that become a showcase for Seville as business cities”, in words by David García, CEO of Wellness TechGroup.

Rest area (left) & graffiti by Álvaro Vela (right).